The use of retail technology in the retail sector has increased significantly in recent years and offers many benefits, particularly in terms of sustainability and environmental impact. By integrating IoT and blockchain technology into the supply chain, retailers can improve the sustainability of their products and ensure that they are produced and traded ethically.

An important component of sustainability is supply chain traceability. By using IoT technology, retailers can track every link in the supply chain and ensure that products are manufactured in an ethical manner. Blockchain technology can further improve the supply chain by increasing transparency and trustworthiness. Blockchain can help reduce fraud and corruption in the supply chain and ensure that all parties have the same information.

Another important aspect of sustainability is reducing the carbon footprint. Retailers can reduce CO2 emissions in the supply chain by using retail technology. For example, retailers can use data analytics and machine learning technology to plan optimised routes for their deliveries to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, retailers can use digital emissions tools to monitor and reduce energy consumption in their shops.

Retailers can also reduce the amount of waste and loss in their shops by using retail technology. By using data analytics and machine learning technology, retailers can optimise their inventory and ensure that they always have the right amount of products in stock to avoid overstocking. In addition, retailers can use technology to reduce food waste in their shops by monitoring the shelf life of food and ensuring it is always fresh and available.

Overall, retail technology offers many opportunities to improve sustainability in retail. IoT and blockchain technology can make the supply chain more transparent and ethical, while digital emissions tools and data analytics can help reduce carbon footprints and waste. Retailers using these technologies can not only improve their environmental footprint, but also reduce costs and make their business more profitable. It is hoped that more and more retailers will use retail technology in the future to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry. RETAIL NXT wants to make a decisive contribution to this.