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Retail Ecosystems
Lena Kleinwechter
Deloitte Digital
Sam Panzer
Director of Industry Strategy
The Dynamic Duo – CDP & Loyalty Integration – Part 1
Every facet of customer experience in the retail industry is becoming more personalized, forcing brands to move away from a one-to-many mass approach. Yet, many retailers struggle to effectively use first-party customer data to tailor marketing campaigns without compromising margins. The integration of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with a loyalty program enables you to offer targeted, personalized offers that protect margin and grow profit. Join us to delve into the world of integrated CDPs and loyalty programs, and learn how to create value for high-value customers, without cheapening your brand and diluting margin.
Donnerstag, 02.November 2023,
 17:15–17:45 Uhr
 | XPO Stage
Xpo Stage

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