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Patricia Lichteneber

Patricia Lichteneber is an experienced manager in the areas of retail and IT. She is currently Head of IT at MediamarktSaturn Germany, where she took over responsibility for IT in April 2021. In this role, she works closely with the regional managers, stores, logistics locations and other administrative units. After successfully building up the IT […]

Dörte Kaschdailis

Dörte Kaschdailis is an independent expert in retail operations and IT, specialising in strategic operational business development and complex implementation management in omni-channel retail. With her extensive experience, she supports the optimisation of business processes and the successful implementation of digital change. In addition to her professional expertise, she is also involved as a mentor […]

Rainer Knapp

Rainer Knapp was appointed CTO of AstorMueller AG in September 2022 and has been driving the digital transformation, connecting the dots.  He has more than 20 years of experience in the retail and consumer industry, making him an international expert in designing comprehensive digital brand worlds and in implementing innovative Omnichannel architectures.   Rainer looks back […]

Dr. Ulrich Hanfeld

Dr Ulrich Hanfeld has been Executive Chairman of Pegasus Group Holding GmbH since 2022 and is responsible for the core strategy, M&A and investor relations of the NKD Group. The NKD Group is a leading discounter in Central Europe with over 2,200 shops in five countries and around 9,000 employees. From 2015 to 2021, Dr […]

Lars Kietzer

Lars gestaltet seit über 15 Jahren die Organisation und Produktlandschaft von E-Commerce-Unternehmen. Als Verantwortlicher für die Produktentwicklung bei Zooplus und jetzt bei Fressnapf / Maxi Zoo ist er Experte für den Zoofachhandel und Omnichannel-Strategien. Mit seiner Leidenschaft für Kundenzentrierung und einer agilen Denkweise hat er erfolgreich neue Wege der funktionsübergreifenden Zusammenarbeit eingeführt. Davor hat Lars […]

Jörg Heinemann

Jörg Heinemann has been with OTTO since June 2012 and has been Innovation Evangelist since 2022. He is also involved with OTTO in the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (Federal Association of the Digital Economy) as chair of the Smart World department. Jörg has been active in e-commerce and marketing since 1999 – first as the founder […]

Michael Munder

Michael Munder has built up and led to growth several successful retail and e-commerce projects and teams in recent years, such as and Since moving from corporate and investment banking to Google, he lives digital business first and is able to grow every day by working with his teams. He is always about […]

Sonja Moosburger

Sonja Moosburger is an experienced leader in innovation, digital transformation and strategic projects. She is currently Vice President Operations at Organic Garden, where she has been responsible for managing business operations since May 2022. In this role, she works closely with the management team to establish efficient processes and ensure Organic Garden’s product and service […]

Tim Engler

Tim Engler is an experienced manager with a focus on digital transformation and IT. His career began at Otto (GmbH & Co KG), where he worked in various departments and was involved in the development of the strategic roadmap as a strategy consultant. Since 2013, Tim Engler has worked at OBI Group Holding, where he […]

Dr. Robert Zores

Dr Robert Zores has been CTO of the newly founded REWE Digital GmbH in Cologne since 2014. As a physicist, mathematician and computer scientist, he has many years of experience in the development of new technologies, particularly in the IT environment. After a career in the aerospace industry, he took on responsibility as an architect […]

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